Fossil Food is specially formulated to provide your sturgeon with a complete, balanced diet.

Sturgeon are from an ancient family of fishes with a skeleton mostly made from cartilage rather than bone. They are a very active fish, with a high metabolic rate, and need foods rich in protein and fat. The sturgeon’s specialist dietary requirements call for foods specifically formulated for them, rather than general pond fish.

Fossil Food has been developed over many years in leading aquaculture facilities in Europe and the Middle East. It has the well balanced mixture of essential amino acids, oils, fats and vitamins necessary to promote excellent growth. Fossil Food is produced in a sinking pellet in a range of sizes to suit the feeding preferences of sturgeon and uses the very best natural ingredients to keep your fish healthy and strong.

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The Fossil Food Sturgeon Range is available in three different pellet sizes in handy resealable pots and tubs - click here for full details.

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